Opus’s dedicated team of artisans provide a wide range of expertise in architectural arts services. We revel in producing original artistic designs and elements for new construction, just as much as we passionately bring back to life hidden elements of histories past. We are proficient in sculpting, texturing and color matching a variety of materials. Combining old world techniques and innovative new ways, we achieve extraordinary results.



Our principles and practices of technical examination, documentation and treatment for objects of material culture are done with only the upmost care. Our goal is to improve the condition of an artifact by stabilizing physical condition problems and addressing surface disfigurement, pigment discoloration and flaking, arising from deterioration and/or damage. In doing so, we strive to retain as much original material as possible and to employ the most carefully considered methods with the highest quality materials available.
Our process includes:

  • Assessment

  • Analysis

  • Archival Research & Documentation

  • Material & Methods Research & Documentation

  • On-Site Mockups


Once we determine the best course of treatment to maintain the cultural and historical significance of an object and ensure its long-term preservation, we then can begin to restore it back to its original splendor.

  • Ornamental Masonry, Wood and Plaster

  • Objects include: Statues, fireplace surrounds, mirrors, doors, altars, fine art and much more

  • Murals, Mosaics and Signage

  • Interior Finishes

  • Exterior Facades

  • Metal and Wood Finishes

  • Fine Furniture Treatments

  • Masonry elements include: limestone, sandstone, bluestone, brownstone, terra cotta, terrazzo, precast concrete, granite, marble and brick



We skillfully design and execute murals and signage, as well as create artistic decorative finishes on plaster, wood, metal, glass, epoxy resins, masonry products and many other surfaces. Techniques include:

  • Color Matching

  • Faux Painting

  • Trompe L’oeil

  • Graining

  • Glazing

  • Gilding

  • Antiquing

  • Staining

  • Stenciling

  • Patination

  • French Polish


We produce exceptional sculptures, mosaics and ornamental elements in plaster, wood, epoxy resin, glass and stone through the process of:

  • Modeling (of clay or other composites)

  • Mold Making

  • Casting

  • Carving

  • Repair and Replication

  • Texturing

  • Scagliola

  • Installation


Upon request, Opus is pleased to provide additional examples of our work.


• Roosevelt House

RKO Keith’s Theater

The Beekman Hotel

Carnegie Hall

• Saint Bart’s Church

The Apollo Theater

The Mark Hotel

Bergdorf Goodman

• The Asia Society Museum

The Shubert Theatre

The New York Public Library

The Williamsburg Savings Bank

• Washington Square Park Fountain

St. Charles Borromeo Church

The Fred F. French Building

The Plaza Hotel

• The Hispanic Society of America Museum and Library

• Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

• The First National City Bank of New York

Chelsea Waterside Park Play Area