Constructed as seven individual but architecturally unified stores, this structure replaced the Cornelius Vanderbilt II mansion, one of the grandest Gilded Age residences in the city. Its distinct seven-and nine-story massing pays homage to the demolished Vanderbilt structure. The owners eventually acquired the entire building, which spanned the length of the block. Being home to an iconic New York retailer, the structure is significant for its refined design and strong classical organization, featuring a series of bays with a tight rhythm of windows. Its white South Dover marble façade, displays the complex veining and age of the stone, which is tinted with black, orange, yellow and green and has been weathered in varying patterns reflecting the abundant history of the building. After a renovation, much of the freshly installed material around the new entrance was bright white and gleamed in comparison to the original marble. Opus was called upon to age these new stones, in order to blend with the original and not disrupt the flow of “Fifth Avenue’s finest” honored historic structure.

“After the restoration of our historic facade, the newly installed marble did not match in color to the beautiful iconic Landmarked building’s stones dating back to 1928. Being known for our elaborate window displays, we needed the historic facade to look its absolute best. On a very tight schedule and while working around the store’s opening hours; Opus performed their color magic and miraculously in the end the new stones looked as aged as the originals. We are so grateful to Opus!”
- Michael Eppler, Director of Bergdorf Goodman  



New marble installed around main entrance and store windows of the 57th Street side of the building.



Using old world mineral based stains, Opus color matched the stark white new stones to match to its surrounding existing stones.



Detail of new marble installed around store windows. In addition, existing holes remained in the facade from removal of window display awnings, located to the right of the light fixture.



Blending the new stones' color with the existing and repairing the stone’s damaged holes, we are left with a completely restored facade.



Opus diligently aging the new stone.