A seven-story Italian Renaissance beauty, this building’s rusticated stone piers at street level are separated by decorative and utilitarian cast iron store fronts. Opus was requested to restore the missing ornamental cast iron details. Now the exterior of this handsome and hidden Renaissance-inspired building remains unchanged after nearly a century and a quarter of use.

“I have been so satisfied with the work Opus did for my building in Tribeca. It’s a landmark building with beautiful iron rosettes on the columns that had been vandalized. From the remaining elements Ms. Quartin and her team were able to mold and duplicate the ones missing. It came out so well that you can’t tell the difference between the original and replacements!”
- Howard Lepow, Building Owner



Missing decorative element of main entranceway’s column. Opus created a mold from the existing elements and cast an exact duplicate in glass fiber reinforced gypsum.



Installed cast decorative element and painted to match surrounding.